For patients with health insurance, we collect all co-payments at time of service and will submit a claim to your insurance company. Patients will receive detailed monthly statements and are required to make patient responsibility payments within 30 days of the receipt of their statement. If you can not pay the balance in full within 30 days you are required to call our Business Office to establish a payment arrangement. Patients who are uninsured or self-pay are required to make a $200.00 down payment at the time of your new patient appointment and any remaining balance will be billed at the time of statement. We do offer prompt pay discounts for self-pay patients.

Our office charges a $20.00 fee to complete any third party insurance forms (Disability, Cancer Polices, etc) or FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).  Please make sure that you have signed the patient consent or completed the patient portion of these forms before turning them in to our office for completion.